Dawn's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


Dawn Lozner

I lived in Florida for most of my life where I did a lot of animal rescue volunteer work; I worked along side with bully and greyhound rescues quite a bit. My current dog was actually a foster of mine that I ended up adopting since he just became such a crucial part of my life. I adopted my cat from a high kill animal shelter in Florida a few months before moving out here to North Carolina. 

While Dawn's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking started recently, I've been pet sitting for almost going on 3 years now. I initially went to school for animal grooming and got certified as an animal groomer but found myself wanting to do more with animals than just groom. I've held a few jobs within the vet community as a kennel technician and was trained to do some vet assistant tasks; however, I found the medical aspect to not be quite what I was looking for. I then found myself to be employed at Camp Bow Wow which was a fun experience, however, I found it to be far less personal and more of a business structure and I wanted to find something that I could work more closely with animals. So my search continued. I volunteered at WCAS providing free grooming and also a feral cat rescue while I continued my pet job quest.

I found myself working at a pet food company as my next job; I learned a lot about pet nutrition and it was a fun job talking to people about their pets and their pet's needs. I still, however, was wanting to do something more hands on. I then starting doing some pet sitting and dog walking as a side job while I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do and found myself wanting to do more and more pet sitting and dog walking - I had finally found what my calling was. I loved being able to spend one-on-one time with people's pets - feeding, walking, playing fetch, tossing a ball - it was a great feeling to be able to help people and spend time with animals. Now I'm doing it as a occupation and I'm proud to say that I love my job and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world (even for a winning lottery ticket!). I look forward to meeting new pets and new people - I look forward to meeting and your pet(s)!

Andrew Grover

As they say, behind every great woman is a great man! Andrew Grover has quite an extensive background of animal care; he's cared for all sizes of pets from the smallest, quietest mouse to the large and in charge Great Dane. He's helped out with various animal rescue organizations and has helped me in the past do pet grooming for low income housing. For someone who claims to be a 'cat person', he loves taking our dog walking on hiking trails and spending time at the dog park. He helps me on various pet sitting/walking occasions and is always looks forward to meeting new pets and people!