Dawn's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: We miss our pets! Can we check in with you?

A: Most definitely! I always have my phone on me so I don't mind texting updates and you're more than welcome to text/call me whenever! I have a smartphone so I'm able to check emails on the go as well.

Q: What do we need to leave you before we go out of town?

A: I usually try to ask for an itinerary (so I can coordinate visits with when you're leaving/coming home), vet information, and your contact information (normal and emergency). Also, if there is any important medical information I need to know or generally anything you feel is important (example: he's afraid of thunderstorms, he has to be put in a crate if a storm comes or he gets bloated if he has 3 treats so only feed him 2 a day) 

Q: What if there is an emergency with my pet?

A: I will notify you straight away and take your pet into their normal vet; if the normal vet is closed or you don't provide me with vet information, I will take them to the closest emergency vet. You will constantly be updated throughout the entire situation so please remember to keep your phone on you at all times. I've never had a pet emergency yet; however, I'm aware of the first aid procedures in most situations.

Q: What times do you normally do dog walks?

A: My normal dog walking schedule is between 11:30-4pm. However, if you're needing later or earlier, we can try to work out something that works around your schedule (I know not everyone has the normal 9-5 job!)

Q: What times do you normally do the visits for pet sitting?

A: I usually try to do them between 6-10am and then again at 6-10pm (example: if I visit at 8am, I'll get there again at 8pm so that the interval is equal). If your pet has a feeding schedule it's used to, I can also adhere to that as I like to make the pet sitting experience for your pet as stress free as possible.

Q: What services don't you provide?

A: Currently, I can not provide boarding in my home; I have 1 dog, a cat, and I live in a studio apartment so you can imagine it's already quite cramped in here! While I used to be unable to do overnight stays, I can do them on a case by case basis - which I can discuss with you if you're requesting an overnight service. I have made a page of various boarding/daycare recommendations to help you with your search, it's located in the more tab of my site under other info & recommendations. I also currently only do basic baths but have a grooming section that recommends a great groomer for trims and other grooming needs!

Q: What animals other than dogs and cats have you cared for?

A: I've cared for chickens, bearded dragons, fish, and ferrets. I've also owned sugar gliders and flying squirrels in the past!

Q: Since you're coming into our home, what can you offer to ease our minds while we're away?

A: I understand completely about feeling uneasy about hiring someone who you don't know well. I have a background check on Care.com that I'm more than happy to share with anyone who wants it as well as a long list of references that can verify my legitimacy. 

Q: Are your prices set in stone?

A: I try to customize prices for clients so that it can fit into their budgets; we like to think everyone can afford our services. We try to stay low even with the rising gas prices.

Q: When is payment due?

A: At the time of service There are some rare exceptions which we can discuss if you're in a special situation.

Q: What payment types do you take?

A: Check or cash, please!