Dawn's Pet Sitting and Dog Walking


Dog looking a little shaggy? Is your furkid suffering from the heat? Maybe it's time for a trip to the doggy spa!

look at all that fur!

While I only offer basic bathing for my clients, I'm proud to be able to recommend a local groomer in Raleigh that does a fantastic job -  while she may be new to the area, Miko Nishio is certainly not new to the grooming scene - she's owned and operated her own grooming business for about 3 years now. She offers affordable pricing and does an amazing job! 

My dog, Dante, is the worst around strangers - he's terrified of people he doesn't know well and is just terrible with being crated; for years, I did my own grooming since I was afraid of taking him into a grooming facility. Miko offers grooming without the added stress of crating and is able to work with dogs that are new to the grooming process. She's calm and reassuring; Dante did fantastic for his first groom! He even let her trim his nails without issue - which is quite the feat considering Dante HATES when people touch his feet!

She is an appointment only grooming service so be sure to email/call her prior to needing grooming done - she's more than happy to answer any questions you may have or give you a grooming estimate for what you're needing. Her prices are competitive and she's definitely worth every penny!

Her contact information is as follows:

Miko Nishio

(919) 675-1360

[email protected]

Her blog:  http://www.pockyheartpretz.blogspot.com/